Busy, Busy, Busy!

So I’ve missed a few days blogging. It’s been extremely busy here (and only 9 days left). Over the last 2 weeks we have had Field Week (7 days worth of events, one per grade level including pre-k), 3 Water Days, and Science Night. Not to mention today we have Science Fair winners on a science trip, and next week is a trip for the highest Science CRCT scorers on a trip, Quiz Bowl (a day for upper grades and a day for lower grades), and yearbook distribution! Looking back, extremely busy may be an understatement!

I decided to post some videos below of some of the events (plus a bonus of our Trunk-or-Treat Book Character Scarecrow competition). The videos were filmed completely by students, and the field day videos were edited by students as well (Except I had to add the music for them since you cannot change the music in iMovie trailers. This was added later.). The videos were edited either with iMovie on the Macbook or shot on iMovie on the iPad. Hope you enjoy!



Field Day

Science Night

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Looking ahead to 2012-13

So now that I am blogging, I am beginning to find all sorts of sweet stuff to try in my classroom next year. So in hopes I don’t forget or lose all these ideas over the summer (in just 15 more days) I am going to keep a collection of links here for future reference and hopes that some others may get use from this as well.

Also, to keep these End-of-Year and Summer Bucket List Links to prepare and keep me focused as well 🙂
Last, but not least, I know I linked to a lot of other blogs. Since I am new to blogging I am not 100% sure how to ensure that credit gets back to those who authored the links above, but I want to put the blogs from those who did author them below! (If I did do something wrong, please comment below so I can fix it and do it correctly in the future.)
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Sometimes You Can Learn From TV

So last night I was watching Glee, and was reminded of one big reason I do what I do. There was a very touching scene when Puck was in a fight with another student, and he pulled a fake knife on the student. Coach Beast broke up the fight and pulled Puck into the locker room. The scene continues as Puck finally lets all his emotion out declaring how his mother never cared for him or supported him in football, and how his father called him a loser all his life. On top of this he feels he is going no where with his life, and that he will turn out to be the “loser” his dad always said he would be.

The reason I decided to write about this is because sometimes we forget we may be the only safety and love our students receive. We tend to get caught up in the paper work, the data, the lesson plans, all of the minor things, and forget the big thing, the kids.

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National Geographic Angry Birds Space

So I wanted to share to awesome books I found today in the school book fair. I am so excited to look though these books and find ways to use them in my class next year. 

I love National Geographic for Kids. The books always have awesome pictures, and put forth the information in such a way that’s interesting for kids. A prime example is the National Geographic Angry Birds Space by Amy Briggs I bought today. I also purchased the Everything Weather book, and hope the book fair gets a few others in that series in!

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Coaster Mania and Six Flags Scavenger Hunt

Carowinds Coastermania 2012

While this year winds down (18 more days), I am going to write about some of the activities I have done this year. Last Friday, we took a group of 60 5th graders to Carowinds in the Carolinas. We competed in Carowinds Coaster Mania. The students spent the past 4 months building roller coasters with the help of some volunteers from Gulf Stream. They taught the students about the physics and science behind a roller coaster. (Here is the video played on WSAV from last years STEM trip).

After taking the time to build our coaster (our theme was Angry Birds) we took the kids up to Carowinds on a charter bus (they sold Kripsy Kreme doughnuts to help earn the money). We spent the whole day at Carowinds, and presented our coasters to their engineers. The rest of the day we spent riding roller coasters! Its so much fun working with the students when they are outside of the classroom. Even when riding roller coasters (or at least waiting in line) there were so many teaching opportunities (such as explaining the electricity and how it runs to the bumper cars).

Six Flags Scavenger Hunt

While looking for some opportunities for next years STEM program, I came across Six Flags Gogo Coaster Competition. It simply requires a coaster design (it can be built, like ours) and a photo or drawing of the design with the Gogo character in it. I think, since we already have a coaster built, we may be entering it into Six Flags competition as well. 

The other interesting thing I found when looking on Six Flags education site, is the Elementary Education Days, and the activities Six Flag has developed for K-5 students. There are the obvious activities such as science & physics, as well as creative and problem solving activities (including a cool one on crowd control). However the activity that impressed me the most was the Six Flags over Georgia Scavenger Hunt. There was a lot of Georgia History, including Civil War History, built into the scavenger hunt and the actual design of the Six Flags tehem park. I never knew how much of the park was designed and based off of things in Georgia history.
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