Busy, Busy, Busy!

So I’ve missed a few days blogging. It’s been extremely busy here (and only 9 days left). Over the last 2 weeks we have had Field Week (7 days worth of events, one per grade level including pre-k), 3 Water Days, and Science Night. Not to mention today we have Science Fair winners on a science trip, and next week is a trip for the highest Science CRCT scorers on a trip, Quiz Bowl (a day for upper grades and a day for lower grades), and yearbook distribution! Looking back, extremely busy may be an understatement!

I decided to post some videos below of some of the events (plus a bonus of our Trunk-or-Treat Book Character Scarecrow competition). The videos were filmed completely by students, and the field day videos were edited by students as well (Except I had to add the music for them since you cannot change the music in iMovie trailers. This was added later.). The videos were edited either with iMovie on the Macbook or shot on iMovie on the iPad. Hope you enjoy!



Field Day

Science Night

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