Looking ahead to 2012-13

So now that I am blogging, I am beginning to find all sorts of sweet stuff to try in my classroom next year. So in hopes I don’t forget or lose all these ideas over the summer (in just 15 more days) I am going to keep a collection of links here for future reference and hopes that some others may get use from this as well.

Also, to keep these End-of-Year and Summer Bucket List Links to prepare and keep me focused as well 🙂
Last, but not least, I know I linked to a lot of other blogs. Since I am new to blogging I am not 100% sure how to ensure that credit gets back to those who authored the links above, but I want to put the blogs from those who did author them below! (If I did do something wrong, please comment below so I can fix it and do it correctly in the future.)
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Sometimes You Can Learn From TV

So last night I was watching Glee, and was reminded of one big reason I do what I do. There was a very touching scene when Puck was in a fight with another student, and he pulled a fake knife on the student. Coach Beast broke up the fight and pulled Puck into the locker room. The scene continues as Puck finally lets all his emotion out declaring how his mother never cared for him or supported him in football, and how his father called him a loser all his life. On top of this he feels he is going no where with his life, and that he will turn out to be the “loser” his dad always said he would be.

The reason I decided to write about this is because sometimes we forget we may be the only safety and love our students receive. We tend to get caught up in the paper work, the data, the lesson plans, all of the minor things, and forget the big thing, the kids.

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